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Over-seeding is an overlooked activity in home lawn care. Homeowners assume, incorrectly, that fertilizer is all that is needed to keep a turf thick and free of weeds. Grass gets tired. It needs to be revitalized every few years.

Over-seeding Keeps Lawns Thick And Weed Free

Over-seeding is one of the most important lawn care tasks, yet many homeowners are hesitant to do it. So, you ask, if I fertilize my lawn properly, why do I need to add new seed, especially if my grass looks pretty good right now? The answer is… grass is not immortal. Thin grass invites weeds. Over-seeding compensates for that natural slow down of the turf’s reproduction. There are two major benefits to over-seeding every three or four years. First, you ensure your lawn stays thick and dense, or if it has thinned, you will make it thick again. Thick grass has few, if any, weeds if it is mowed over 3 to 4 inches tall. The second benefit is disease resistance. Early September through October is the best time to over-seed. The key to successful over-seeding is watering, and most of us neglect the importance of watering. Once grass seed is spread and moistened from that first watering, it should never be allowed to dry out; it must always be kept moist until you get full germination. This means watering new seed at least twice a day for at least two weeks.