Fall Winterizer Treatment

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Why Should I Winterize my Lawn? Fall brings back perfect conditions for your lawn; cooler nights, morning dew, sufficient rainfall. These conditions cause your grass to begin to grow again. Your grass begins to store its nutrients in its roots throughout fall in preparation for winter. A fall feeding enables the plant to store more food for winter, making it readily available when warmer temperatures arrive in spring, thus producing a quick spring- greening and thicker lawn growth. Benefits Of Winterizer Treatment Nitrogen is taken up by the roots even though shoot growth has ceased. This is because roots remain active at cooler temperatures than shoots. Nitrogen enhances fall color which increases chlorophyll content. Increased chlorophyll content means increased photosynthesis. Increased photosynthesis means increased sugars. Since turf is not growing at the time of the fertilizer application, the sugars that are produced are not used for growth but are stored to enhance winter survival and spring recovery. These sugars make the grass plant less susceptible to freezing. A good analogy is a bottle of juice in the freezer will take longer to freeze than a bottle of water. The grass plant cells are full of sugars which take longer to freeze, and will freeze at lower temperatures. Late-season nitrogen applications promote deep rooting during the fall, so plants go into the spring and summer with deeper, healthier roots. Spring green-up comes quickly because the nitrogen that is stored in the roots is ready when shoot growth resumes.