Grub Prevention

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The number one insect problem that is responsible for killing turf grass in the north-east is the damage created by the white grub. White grub damage can be devastating to home lawns and other turf grass areas. When Does The Damage Occur? Damage typically shows up in September and is evident through October. In the spring, as soil temperatures warm, grubs will resume feeding. Damage caused by white grubs is the result of the grubs eating the root system of the turf. Symptoms of white grub damage begin with the turf turning a tan or brown color, followed by the death of the turf grass stand. Dead turf can be easily pulled up or rolled back, often exposing the grubs. What To Look For? To determine if a grub problem is imminent you can utilize a variety of techniques that may indicate a potential for white grub infestations. The easiest way to monitor is by looking for the adult beetles. Begin looking for adults in late June through early August. Often adult beetles can be seen flying at dusk or seen on trees and shrubs. For example, the adult Japanese beetle can be found eating the foliage on many species of trees and shrubs. The oriental beetle can often be found in swimming pool skimmers or resting on plants and shrubs. If adults are present, it is a good indication that the females may lay their eggs in a nearby lawn. Also, in mid-September, once white grubs have begun feeding to the turf grass, you will be able to lift it up almost like a carpet. Control Of White Grubs: Preventative control can be accomplished with an application of Merit. This product is extremely effective in controlling white grubs. Proper timing should be prior to egg hatch. Recommendation for timing of applications with this product is mid-April through mid-July. Preventative applications should be watered in with at least 1/2" of water. The advantage of preventative applications is that you greatly reduce the possibility of grub damage to the lawn. Also, preventative products tend to be more environmentally friendly than curative applications. The use of sex pheromone traps or beetle bags in gardens to attract adult beetles is not recommended. Pheromone traps will attract beetles from distances of up to several miles. Severe grub damage is often found in close proximity to where pheromone traps have been placed.