Flea and Tick Program

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Fleas and ticks are persistent and potentially dangerous pests. Fleas lay their eggs inside and outside and they hatch over an extended period of time. Simply treating your pet alone cannot control fleas because their eggs are everywhere and will hatch and re-infest your pet. Since they cannot run, hop or fly, ticks spend most of their time on or near the ground, hoping to snag onto something such as your pet or a human’s sock. The best way to prevent these types of insects from causing a potential health problem to you and your pet is to treat the lawn area where insects live and lay their eggs.
What Harm Do Fleas and Ticks Cause?  Fleas are bloodsucking insects which cause great pain and discomfort, and they are also carriers of disease. Ticks are parasites of warm-blooded animals including humans. Ticks can drain away the vitality and vigor of the animal they attack, and they are also known to spread and carry serious diseases.
What’s the Cost and How Often Does it Need to be Applied? The price of Flea and Tick control is based upon the square footage of your lawn. The Flea and Tick Control is a granular product broadcast across your lawn and should be watered in immediately for best control. We apply Flea and Tick Control 3 times per year, late spring, summer and early fall.