Perimeter Pest Control Program

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Ultralawn’s perimeter pest control program keeps bugs where they belong, outside the home. By applying a protective pest barrier around the outside of your home, we keep the crawling insects from entering. Best of all it is done outside, so you have no pesticides inside your home.
Benefits of Perimeter Pest Control Helps keep unwanted pests from invading your home Application is virtually odorless and colorless  Isn't harmful to soil, flowers, bushes, or lawns Helps to control many different types of pests Takes place outdoors, this keeps insecticides out of your home and out of your living space Scheduling is much easier, no one needs to be home
What’s the Cost and How Often Does it Need to be Applied? The price is $45.00 per application plus tax. For our lawn care customers, we will take $5.00 off per visit and reduce your cost down to only $40.00 plus tax. We apply the pest control 3 times per year late spring, summer, and late summer.
What Insects Does Perimeter Pest Control?  
Silverfish  Earwigs Pillbugs Sowbugs Stink Bugs
Spiders Sugar Ants  Black Ants  Millipedes Centipedes
What Can I Do To Help With My Insect Issues? Moving firewood piles farther from the house  Sealing cracks around windows and doors  Cleaning up garbage cans around the home  Identifying sources of excessive foundation moisture Help us by letting us know your insect issues and what locations seem to be the worst Removing clutter from around foundation of home