Ornamental Tree and Shrub Care Program

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Protecting your property’s value begins with protecting your


Customized Program

As a full service ornamental tree and shrub care customer, you will receive a program specifically designed to

enhance and protect your landscape. This program includes regularly scheduled visits, plus the finest

horticultural products and materials available.

Increased Property Value

You will secure your landscape investment by having strong, healthy,

beautiful trees and shrubs. You can rest assured that our qualified

horticulturists will care for your landscape investment in such a way

that you will enjoy its beauty for years to come.

We Get To The Root Of The Problem

Our highly trained horticulturists know what problems to look for and

how to solve them throughout the growing season. Everything we use on your landscape, from dormant oils to

fungicides, are specifically selected to do the right job at the right time.

Fewer Pests

 Our horticulturists are highly trained in recognizing potential and existing pest problems and will work to

control them.

1.  Dormant Oil- A horticultural oil treatment is applied when the plants are dormant.  It takes care of

hibernating pests such as scale insects and insect eggs on your landscape plants.

2.  Early Spring Fertilization- Long-lasting professional fertilizer is applied to the root zone of all perennial

landscape plants to stimulate the growth of vibrant healthy foliage.

3.  Early Season Fungus and Insect Control- Plants are individually treated to provide control of insects such

as leaf miners, caterpillars, and lace bugs, as well as diseases such as leaf spot, rust and scab.

4.  Mid Season Fungus and Insect Control- The landscape receives close monitoring at this time, as this is

when insect and disease problems often spread rapidly.  Both insects and diseases are

treated as needed.

5.  Late Season Fungus and Insect Control- Control of summer insects

such as weevils, spider mites, and beetles, is provided.  Disease control

continues for any lingering spring leaf diseases, as well as powdery mildew.

6.  Fall Fertilization- A deep-root feeding of professional fertilizer at this time

stimulates important root growth to strengthen plants for cooler weather.

Our Tree and Shrub Program consists of the following: