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About: Zoysia is a warm season grass, so it has to be handled differently than the cool season grasses, such as Kentucky blue grass, Rye, and Fine Fescue, that most people grow in our area. Although it is plenty hardy in Northeast Ohio, zoysia remains dormant – tan, brown and dead appearance – from October well into May. Starting out in small patches, homeowners notice it in the early spring when all lawns are greening up and theirs is still tan. Its aggressive nature will launch a few, small, round patches into an entire lawn. Since turf does not respect boundary lines, this could also lead to a disgruntled neighbor who does not appreciate your grass in their turf. Removal: Unless this browning appearance is tolerable in early spring and summer, zoysia should not  be used in Northeast Ohio. Infrequent mowing and drought tolerance are two advantages that are advertised to lure homeowners into purchasing the seed. Zoysia can be removed physically from the soil by digging or treating with a non-selective herbicide (Roundup), and then re-seeded with a cool-season grass. Remember, always read and follow the instructions label.
Unwanted Zoysia grass invading a homeowners lawn