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Nutsedge is a lawn weed with erect triangular yellow-green stems and narrow, grass-like leaves originating at the base of the plant. Its seed head is yellow-brown in color. It is a triplet species because it can reproduce from a perennial base (nut-like roots beneath the soil surface) and by seeds. The nut-like roots are what makes nutsedge difficult to get rid of. If the plant is not completely removed from the soil and the roots remain, they can produce new plants in your lawn. Management: Most common lawn weeds can be greatly reduced by improved lawn care, including proper fertilization and mowing. Sometimes, however, weeds persist in spite of good maintenance. For lawns with a manageable amount of nutsedge, hand pulling is the most effective way to get good results. Nutsedege can be pulled more easily after a heavy rain or watering. Chemical Control: When nutsedge infests an area and the populations are high enough throughout the area to be intolerable, an overall treatment with a selective herbicide, that will kill the weeds and leave the grass unharmed, may be necessary. Where weed infestation is serious and the turf is poor, consider renovating the lawn.